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It is so important for us to be a part of the communities we live and work in. This fall has been no different! Frank bundled up on a cold day in October to judge the Sleepy Hollow Chili Contest as a part of the Halloween in the Hollow celebration held every year at Sabatino Park. Frank has been a judge for the Chili Contest for four years now. He can never turn down the opportunity to see what everyone brings to the table! This year there were 18 contestants, ranging from the mild and sweet to the hot and chunky. Everyone involved takes the contest very seriously – judges aren’t even allowed to discuss the chilis while judging!  Asked to rate each stew by Aroma, Color, Consistency, Taste, and Aftertaste, Judge Frank thought they were all great in their own way. Ultimately he still had to rank his favorites.

At the end of the day, Frank left with a full, warm belly after spending a great afternoon with friends and neighbors. He’s already looking forward to Chili Contest 2018!

Back at home, Frank’s chickens got to enjoy a fall treat!  Before the first freeze, Frank gave them pumpkins to peck.  Clearly, they were some happy ladies!  They deserved a little spoiling after the Rock-N-Roll Skeleton gave them a fright!

See what Frank has in store for the holidays in our next installment of Following Frank!


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