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About Us


“Our extensive side by side comparisons of each raw ingredient ensures peak flavor, and simple perfection in every meal.” Chef/ Owner Frank Redisi

Cafe Roma

You wouldn’t expect to find the perfect eatery nestled inside a business park, but our patrons’ comment time after time “we feel like we have discovered a hidden gem”.

Setting the standard for a contemporary dining experience in Elgin, Café Roma delivers with the uncompromising pursuit of taste and quality. From Italian Sea Salt to the ultrafine double 00 flour and perfectly ripened vegetables the Café Roma difference is in every handcrafted bite.

Chef/Owner Frank Redisi

Classical French trained at Cordon bleu, Chef/Owner Frank Redisi shares a delightful passion for haute Italian cuisine and has traveled the globe studying and sampling multicultural fare throughout Europe and Southeast Asia.  Chef Redisi’s Philosophy? Start off simple and do a couple of things very well – EVERY TIME.

Since opening in 2008, the team at Café Roma has developed an unrivaled eye for quality, service, and attention to detail.  The ability to deliver delicious meals consistently and reliably allows for the evolution of exciting new menu items, service and catering options and hours, to exceed the expectations our patrons.

EAT:  The upscale cafe concept of Café Roma at lunch transforms into a candlelit, white tablecloth full-service dining room on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

DRINK:  A fully stocked bar makes Roma the perfect place to meet with colleagues, friends, and family. Sit with a glass of wine from our premium list, or relax with a handcrafted cocktail while the team prepares your meal in an open kitchen.

SAVOR:  Take the time to enjoy your next gathering and let Café Roma pamper the most important people in your life.

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